Museum Podcast

Big & Little Podcast

During the year, a number of new episodes of the Museum’s Big & Little podcast were produced. Supported by PNC Bank and launched in 2020, the podcast focuses on topics related to child development and the wellbeing of children. Hosted by Museum President and CEO Carole Charnow, the podcast welcomed eight guests during the year to discuss a variety of relevant topics, including Drs. Michael Pistiner and Ali Yurkovic for an important conversation on food allergies in children; Codman Academy Charter Public School’s principal Thabiti Brown and third grade teacher Marcus Parker, about Codman’s education strategies; Meghan Block, the owner of Boston Moms and a mother of three young children with a perspective on the challenges that parents face in today’s world; Alvin Irby, founder of Barbershop Books, for a conversation on empowering kids, especially young Black boys and other vulnerable children, to identify as readers and grow to enjoy learning; Sara Mraish Demeter, founder of ARCK Boston, on giving children a voice through the arts; tech trailblazer Madge Meyer on her journey to success as a woman and Asian American immigrant in the STEM fields, and strategies for raising young girls to be excited about STEM; and Dr. Laura Rubin, founder of Portsmouth, New Hampshire Neuropsychology Center, about how imaginative play helps children process emotional experiences, build executive function skills, foster creativity, and more.